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May-15-2021 - Promotional video giveaway!
Do you have video recording/editting skills and want to participate in making a promotion/trailer video on youtube for 06-scape? You don't need to be the best at doing this but an attempt wouldn't really hurt you, would it? I personally recommend using OBS for recording and any editting software just as Sony Vegas Pro. The video needs to contain "06-Scape" in the title and have discord invite link, website in the description. Attenders will be ranked accordingly and by video editting, quality and how well it is done and they will be announced on the 30th of May!

Top 1.
Receives 2500 in-game donator points (equals to 25$).

Receives 1200 in-game donator points (equals to 12$).

Receives 500 in-game dontor points (equals 5$).


06-Scape Team
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