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May-11-2021 - 06-S bugfixes - part 1
Added all thievable chests which can all be found around the world, they will reward you with their respective rewards, and the higher they require in thieing level the more you have to wait for it to cool down after successfully pick locking the chest.

Fixed: fixing bug within the fremennik trials quest, and some minor bugs

Fixed: minor bug fixes and lost city fix

Fixed: more drop table rework

Fixed: Added some missing npc spawns.

Fixed: Issues with ring of dueling.

Fixed: minor bugs.

Also, a big congratulations to the player "Santaclaus" for reaching the first ever 99 in the skill Thieving! He has been rewarded with 1,000 donator points in-game for winning this challenge.


06-Scape Team

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