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May-09-2021 - Quality of Life updates
Since it's been discussed alot lately wether we should add quality of life updates that was added in OSRS on here.. I'd like to let you guys know that, our main and initial focus has never really been about adding QoL updates from OSRS and slowly becoming somehting our of the 2006/RS2 scope era. We will not be very special if we do add these OSRS updates, we will not be a 2006 or OSRS but something weird inbetween which I think that it just kills the point of our Oldschool game.

We are clearly advertising the server as a 2006 private server without being a strict 1:1 remake, but that doesn't mean that we should add updates such as - xp drops, fullscreen, data orbs, shift dropping etc.. This will just make the server into some weird looking customscape game. The game isnt even fully remade, content added with whatever 2006 delivers and some players already want ava's, and new updates that came after 2006. It's really hard to jump around timeframes and adding new content and then going back to 2006, having mixed content and missing content inbetween. Shift-dropping, xp drops, data orbs, grand exchange updates will just turn the server into some runelite/openosrs mixed with some osrs stuff into the game which I'm not really for and never was for when I started this project.

I want everyone to really think why they joined a server that's called "06-Scape" and clearly stating that it's based off 2006, and why they want to bring in OSRS updates into it, when this is really made to have that alternative Oldschool runescape experience. There's a big community that dislikes OSRS and wants something like this, and that is what we wanna strive for and point our directions to this oldschool loving community.


06-Scape Team
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