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May-05-2021 - 06-Scape Launch!
It's now officially over with our beta testing server and we are happy to announce 06-Scape launch date for the full release! We have reset everyone's beta characters, so from now on all that you do and progress in-game will stay permanently. 06-Scape is set to launch on the 8th of May at 5PM GMT, so start plan your schedules and join in on the release hour!

06-Scape beta testers that have put their time into helping the staff team to find bugs will be rewarded with a untradable rare cosmetic item and keep the beta rank on discord, as a big thanks for supporting us!

Invite others to win a prize!

We now have a invites manager on our discord to track all invites, and if you think you can reach on the top 3 leaderboard then you will receive a prize! It's simple as just inviting a user and then our bot tracks that. You can typ the command +leaderboard to view the top inviters in #invites .

Top 1. Receives 1500 in-game donator points (equals to 15$).
Top 2. Receives 1250 in-game donator points (equals to 12$).
Top 3. Receives 1000 in-game donator points (equals to 10$).

What else to know?

06-Scape have now confirmed to have a x4 exp rate in all stats while quest rewards stays x1.

Multi logging will be available and acceptable, meaning it won't break any rules.


06-Scape Team
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