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Apr-24-2021 - 06-Scape Open beta is here!
We are now opening the doors for the open beta testing for everyone to test the game out.

The exp rates are set at x10 for a more sped up progression meaning faster bug findings and much more to explore in a short amount of time! All player saves will be lost after the beta ends, however as a thanks we will give an untradable item to those who have put a good amount of time into the beta testing. We are hoping and working hard on a good full launch in the near future, so we want to scrap off major bugs so we can have a nice enviroment in the full launch.

How long the beta will last for is all depending on the amount of bugs in the game and how well we work on it, while preparing some advertisements and such to build a hype for the full launch. We wish you a good time on 06-Scape and happy gaming

We highly encourage our community to NEVER use same passwords that have been used before to prevent hackers stealing your accounts!

To play the beta, simply click the Play button on the site home page. Also consider joining our official Discord, which is in the sidebar on the same page.

06-Scape team
Dream & Chandler.
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